Special Notice for After the Election

Please bookmark: CalgaryDemocracy.ca

Starting later this week, that address will become the permanent home of this project — replacing this temporary website that was set up for just the 2007 municipal election.

The new website will also include the provincial and federal election candidates (which may be very relevant very quickly if the rumors of fall elections for both of those come true).

Volunteers who want to join in building this new project are encouraged to contact me. Also, donations to help make this project viable would be very much appreciated, too.

Table of Contents

City of Calgary:
Official Election and Voting Information

Other sources of information on the election and candidates

Media Coverage

Facebook Groups

See also the candidate pages for individual candidate groups and profiles on Facebook.

The election in general

Calgary Issues

Opposition & Support

In addition to the various candidate websites, and candidate resources on sites like Facebook and YouTube, various people in the city have setup groups and sites to show their support for, or opposition to, specific candidates.

 Unfortunately, there tends to be some name calling and harsh language in some of the groups. So, discretion is advised. In the interest of being a comprehensive listing, I’m including everything I find — even the less savoury elements.

Opposition to specific candidates

Support for specific candidates