Candidates for City Council (Alderman)

Ward 1 Candidates

Jennifer Banks

Phone: 288-5320
Address: P.O. Box 70021, Bowness R.P.O., Calgary, AB, T3B 5K3

Jennifer Banks’ campaign website.

Survey Responses:

Jennifer Banks’ response to Better Calgary survey

Dale Hodges

Phone: 540-0532, 288-8234
Address: Shaganappi Village Shopping Center 4625 Varsity Drive NW

Dale Hodges’ campaign website.

Survey Responses:

Dale Hodges’ response to Better Calgary survey
Dale Hodges’ response to ICC survey

Normand Perrault

Phone: (286-9438)

Survey Responses:

Normand Perrault’s response to Better Calgary survey

Ward 2 Candidates

Daniel M. Del Rey

Phone: (239-2665)

Biagio Magliocca

Phone: 479-9796
Address: 234, 5149 Country Hills Blvd. NW; T3A 5K8

Biagio Magliocca’s campaign website.

Ward 3 Candidates

Ward 4 Candidates

Alex Peterson

Phone: (275-9549)

Ward 5 Candidates

Ray Jones

Email: Phone: (285-2602)


Ward 6 Candidates

Rosemary Berglund

Note: She has announced her withdrawal from the race, although it is too late to strike her name from the ballot.

Phone: (217-0768)

Rosemary Berglund’s campaign website.

Survey Responses:

Rosemary Berglund’s response to Better Calgary survey
Rosemary Berglund’s response to ICC survey

Craig Burrows

Phone: 804-7628

Craig Burrows’s campaign website.

Ward 7 Candidates

Ward 8 Candidates

Stephen Chapman

Phone: 660-4595
Address: 212, 214 - 11 Avenue SE

Stephen Chapman’s campaign website.
Stephen Chapman on YouTube (video from an apparent supporter)..

Survey Responses:

Stephen Chapman’s response to Better Calgary survey

Ward 9 Candidates

Stan Waciak

Phone: (236-4139)

Ward 10 Candidates

Andre Chabot

Phone: 248-0286
Address: 32, 6060 Memorial Drive NE

Andre Chabot’s campaign website.

Ward 11 Candidates

Dave Matthews

Phone: (249-5483)

Survey Responses:

Dave Matthews’s response to Better Calgary survey

Ward 12 Candidates

Ric McIver

Phone: 399-2495
Address: Box 87087, Douglas Square RPO, T2Z 3V7

Ric McIver’s campaign website.

Survey Responses:

Ric McIver’s response to Better Calgary survey

Ward 13 Candidates

Diane Marie Colley-Urquhart

Phone: (281-2171)

Diane Marie Colley-Urquhart’s campaign website.

Ward 14 Candidates

Linda Fox-Mellway

Phone: (271-0721)

Linda Fox-Mellway’s campaign website.